Our Story

We Are Fearon Funding

At Fearon Funding, we are more than just a business acquisition company; we are a family-owned venture committed to preserving the essence of each business, empowering entrepreneurs, and unlocking the untapped potential in established enterprises. Our founder and CEO, John Fearon, brings decades of experience in business growth and strategic leadership, having built and sold national businesses, all while maintaining a customer-centric approach.


Our journey is fueled by a profound understanding of what it takes to build and maintain a successful business.

We believe that every business is unique, and we are dedicated to nurturing their growth and ushering them into the modern era.

With a national perspective gained from experience in both private and public companies, we offer more than just capital – we bring a hands-on approach. Our team specializes in modernizing businesses, fostering growth, and ensuring they remain profitable and relevant.

As a family-owned company, we understand the significance of personal touch and values. Our approach is built on respect, transparency, and a commitment to the success of your business. We view ourselves as partners, not just buyers.

Our vision extends beyond acquisitions; we actively seek opportunities to consolidate and expand, creating more comprehensive platforms that better serve our communities. At Fearon Funding, we believe in transforming the future and ensuring that businesses not only endure but flourish.


Join us in this journey of business growth, empowerment, and lasting success.

Partner with Fearon Funding and be a part of a future where your business not only survives but thrives in the modern marketplace.

Meet John A. Fearon

John A. Fearon
Founder and CEO

John Fearon, the visionary leader at the helm of Fearon Funding, boasts an impressive career spanning over three decades, marked by extensive experience in business growth and strategic leadership. His journey through the realms of mortgage banking, real estate, and entrepreneurship has endowed him with a wealth of skills and insights that he now employs to breathe new life into established businesses.

With a remarkable track record of nurturing companies to success while preserving their unique legacies, John has refined a strategic mindset and hands-on approach that distinguish him in the domain of business acquisition and investment. His customer-centric philosophy, adept problem-solving abilities, and forward-thinking leadership style drive Fearon Funding’s mission to empower entrepreneurs, safeguard legacies, and engineer lasting, transformative changes for every business partner.

Notably, John Fearon’s experience extends across both private and public companies, affording him a well-rounded perspective on diverse business environments. This breadth of experience enriches his approach to identifying opportunities and fostering success, establishing John as more than just a CEO—he is a hands-on leader dedicated to a future where businesses not only endure but flourish. His visionary leadership lies at the core of Fearon Funding’s commitment to unlocking opportunities and empowering success.

Our Vision

At Fearon Funding, we envision a future where established businesses thrive, entrepreneurs are empowered, and lasting success is achieved.

Our vision is one of growth, opportunity, and prosperity for every business we touch. We see a world where companies not only withstand the test of time but flourish in the modern era, creating wealth, opportunity, and jobs for generations to come. As a family-owned business, our vision is deeply rooted in building a legacy of responsible and sustainable growth for the benefit of our communities and the businesses we acquire.

Our Mission

Our mission at Fearon Funding is not just about acquiring businesses; it’s about fostering partnerships, preserving legacies, and unlocking the full potential of established enterprises. Led by our founder and CEO, John Fearon, we blend strategic thinking, hands-on experience, and a customer-centric approach into every acquisition. We are committed to:

Transforming Businesses

We breathe new life into established companies, modernizing operations, expanding growth opportunities, and enhancing their long-term profitability.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

We believe that partnerships should be a two-way street. We empower business owners to achieve their goals, whether that means continuing their journey with us or passing the torch.

Creating Lasting Impact

We are dedicated to preserving the essence of your business, fostering growth, and ensuring that your hard work and dedication make a lasting impact.

Building a Comprehensive Platform

We actively seek businesses that can be combined with others for strategic growth and economies of scale, creating a larger, more comprehensive platform that serves communities even better.

Our vision and mission guide everything we do at Fearon Funding, from selecting the right businesses to partner with, to ensuring that our acquisitions create lasting, meaningful change for all stakeholders.

We are committed to unlocking opportunities, empowering success, and creating a future where businesses not only survive but thrive, with family values at the core of our endeavors.