What We Do

Targeted Businesses

At Fearon Funding, we have a clear vision of the businesses we seek to acquire and nurture. Our criteria are founded on the belief that every business has untapped potential, and it is our mission to unlock that potential for lasting success. Our ideal target companies possess the following characteristics:

Established for 5+ Years

We are interested in businesses with a proven track record, having weathered the test of time and demonstrated their resilience in the market.

Steady Cash Flow

Verifiable and steady cash flow for the past three years is essential. We value businesses that have maintained or increased their financial stability over time, signaling a solid foundation for future growth.

Management in Place

We prefer businesses with existing management structures in place. Our aim is to enhance operations while respecting the expertise and dedication of the current management team.

Marketing Potential

We are particularly interested in businesses that have not extensively utilized modern marketing strategies. We see untapped potential in leveraging digital marketing, online presence, and branding to unlock new revenue streams.

Modernization Opportunity

Fearon Funding specializes in revitalizing businesses by introducing modern practices and technologies. We seek companies with growth potential through operational improvements, process modernization, and technology integration.

Tenured Employees

Businesses with a dedicated and experienced team of tenured employees are of interest to us. We recognize the value of a skilled workforce and aim to retain and empower your team.

Steady Cash Flow of $200K or More

We are focused on businesses with a cash flow of $200,000 or higher, signaling financial stability and room for growth.

Strategic Growth Potential

Fearon Funding is actively looking for companies that can eventually be combined with others for strategic growth and economies of scale. We envision creating a larger, more comprehensive platform that serves communities even better.

Let’s work together!

By targeting businesses with these characteristics, we believe in transforming not only their future but also the economic landscape of the regions we serve. If your business meets these criteria and you’re looking for a partner dedicated to unlocking its full potential, Fearon Funding is the ideal buyer. We invite you to explore how we can work together to breathe new life into your business and create a legacy of enduring success.

Why Choose Fearon Funding for your Business Sale?

Deciding to sell your business is a monumental choice, filled with a mix of anticipation and questions. At Fearon Funding, we respect the gravity of your decision and are here to provide a compelling answer to the question: “Why entrust your business to us?”

Legacy Preservation

We recognize that your business represents more than just an enterprise; it’s your legacy. As a family-owned business, Fearon Funding understands the value of preserving legacies, ensuring they continue to thrive even under new ownership.

A Partner, Not Just a Buyer

We do more than merely acquire businesses; we build lasting partnerships. Our approach is built on respect, transparency, and a genuine commitment to the success of your business. Fearon Funding isn’t just a buyer; we’re your dedicated partners in taking your business to new heights.

Vast Experience

Our founder and CEO, John Fearon, has an extensive career spanning over three decades, filled with rich experience in business growth and strategic leadership. His background includes building and selling national businesses, demonstrating his profound understanding of the journey you’re embarking on.

Hands-On Approach

We bring more than just capital to the table; we offer a hands-on approach. John’s customer-centric philosophy, adept problem-solving skills, and forward-thinking leadership drive Fearon Funding’s mission to engineer enduring, transformative changes for every business partner.

Modernization and Growth

Fearon Funding specializes in revitalizing businesses by introducing modern practices and technologies. We see potential for growth through operational improvements, process modernization, and technology integration. Our goal is to breathe new life into established companies.

Community Commitment

We are dedicated to making a positive contribution to the communities where we operate. Your business’s legacy will extend into the community, leaving a meaningful impact for years to come.

Strategic Expansion

Fearon Funding actively seeks companies that can be combined with others for strategic growth and economies of scale. Our vision is to create more extensive, more comprehensive platforms that serve communities even better.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Fearon Funding as your partner means aligning your business with a family-owned enterprise that respects your legacy, possesses vast experience, and has the commitment to guide your business toward new horizons. We invite you to consider Fearon Funding as the ideal buyer, dedicated to preserving your business’s heritage and ensuring its continued success in the modern market.